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Find anything you want to know about our product and tips to improve the quality of your textiles.
Can I wash my clothes as normal?
Yes, you can. 
Nanoshower is breathable and it will simplify the cleaning process because dirt & stains will fall off way easier. This means that you need less power from the washer to get rid of stains, so you can save water and electricity in the process. It should also last for many washes on clothing it responds well on.
How does it work?
The technology is water-based, and when it is applied to your textiles it will penetrate the fabric, protecting the small fibers with billions of tiny nano-particles.
How does it simplify cleaning?
It simplifies cleaning because it will take almost no effort to get it clean again.
Does Nanoshower contain silicone?
No, our product is completely free of silicone, teflon, fluoro-carbons and other harmful solvents.
How can I apply the product?
Using Nanoshower is simple, just follow these steps: 
     1. Spray the first layer, cover desired areas
     2. Wait 8-10 minutes
     3. Spray a second layer
     4. Let it dry for 24H
How long does it work?
It depends on how well the technology is responding to your textile, but usually, it will last through many washes. If you use Nanoshower on couches, furniture, or other items that are not continuously in the washing machine, then it should last even longer.
Will Nanoshower be visible on my textiles?
You should not be able to tell if the technology is in your textiles. It is perfume-free and is invisible to the naked eye.
However, it can react to other impregnation agents, so you can test on a small and hidden place at first if you want to be 100% sure that it won't change the look of your textiles.
Is Nanoshower healthy for me and my environment?
Yes, Nanoshower is environmentally friendly and completely free of any harmful agents.
What is water-based nanotechnology?
Water-based means that the technology gets applied with water, and nano means that it is on a very tiny level. To give you a comparison, one nanometer is about 100.000 smaller than a piece of hair. This is why it will be completely invisible for the naked eye to see that your textiles are protected by Nanoshower.
How will Nanoshower prolong the life of my textiles?
It will prolong the life of your textiles because the technology will protect the small fibers from external threats like stains, bacteria, and beating from the washer/dryer.

Also, you won't need a lot of power from the washing machine to get the textiles clean again. This is because dirt and stains won't be able to penetrate as deeply.
Will Nanoshower help to prevent stains?
Yes, absolutely.
The technology will protect the small fibers in the textiles, and this will also add a protective power against stains from penetrating and ruining your clothes. 

Where is Nanoshower produced?
Nanoshower is designed and produced in Norway. 
Is Nanoshower technology waterproof?
Nanoshower will make your textiles water repellent.

However, the technology is breathable and your textiles will be able to soak water when washing them in the washer.
Will Nanoshower work on all of my clothes?
Nanoshower is designed to protect all synthetic and natural fibers, but it might have trouble with textiles that have other impregnation agents in them, or petrochemical textiles. The technology has been tested on many different textiles, and with a very high success rate. 
How can I be sure that it works before "showering" everything?
You can spray on a small and hidden place at first if you want to be 100% sure that it is going to respond well to your textiles. When it is ready you can test it by pouring a little water over it. If it has a good water repellent effect, this means that the technology is responding well and that the fibers will be protected.
Will Nanoshower work on my shoes?
This depends on what material your shoes are made of, and whether or not the technology will be able to stick to it. 

TIP: spray the insole of your shoes to help against bacteria and odor.
Do I need to wash my textiles before using Nanoshower?
It will be easier for the technology to do its work if the textiles are without too much dirt and other things blocking the way, so we would recommend cleaning the surface before applying. 
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