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Stains: This is how you prevent them

Prevent stains from ruining your clothes

In the video you can see how the protective and eco-friendly nanotechnology is working. It has an anti-spilling effect, and the clothes will have e defence against stains & other threats to the clothes.


Without silicone

Nanoshower is a brand new product that specializes in protecting clothes and keeping them fresh over time. By applying Nanoshower to your textiles, the small fibers will be protected by this eco-friendly technology, and it will even last through many washes on the textiles that it responds well with. The technology is perfume-free and breathable, and it will simplify cleaning for you because stains and dirt won't penetrate as deeply due to the protective technology.

Nanoshower is without silicone, fluoro, teflon or any other dangerous solvents.

The product have been tested on many different textiles, and with a high success rate. It is designed to protect all synthetic and natural fibers, and it has been shown to work on most clothing except the few ones that may have too many petrochemicals in them, which the product is not designed for.


Water-based and environmentally friendly

Do it yourself #diy

One of the best things about using Nanoshower is how simple it is to use. All you need to do is to spray, or "shower your clothes" with the product.

Eeasy to apply

1- Spray a first layer, cover the desired area

2- Wait 8-10 minutes

3- For extra protection, spray a second layer

4- Let it dry for 24H

Let's do a test!

The technology is invisible to the naked eye because it's on a nano-level, which is really tiny.
Because of this, you can test with water. If the water becomes pearly then it's a good sign that it is responding well, and you can enjoy all the other benefits of using Nanoshower.

"How do you wash it?"

One of the most frequent asked questions people ask is how you wash the textiles that has been sprayed with Nanoshower.

This will be no problem, and in fact, it will simplify cleaning for you, because it will be much easier to get the clothing clean again. Nanoshower is breathable, and should last through many washes before you need to apply more.


Keep your clothes fresh for longer

When the textiles are maintained with this protective spray for clothes, they will have a longer life and they will also be in better shape if you wanna sell or give them away later.

Keeping the clothes for longer, and using less water to clean them, can both reduce waste.

Nanoshower is the perfect product if you want to improve the way you take care of your clothes.

Order your Nanoshower today

You can now finally order your own bottle at a good price from the online store. We are always excited about getting more feedback, and people are finding new and creative ways to use this product all the time.

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