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How to protect clothes against stains - Nanoshower


Keep the health and freshness alive

There are many reasons why it is important to take good care of our clothes. By using Nanoshower, your clothes will be protected against stain, the washer and other things that will ruin the health.

The eco-friendly nanotechnology will protect the fibers, and it will last through many washes on clothing or other textiles that it responds well with.

If you are looking for a cheap product that will prevent your clothes from pilling, bacteria, discoloring, permanent change in odour & stains, then Nanoshower is the perfect alternative for you.

Testing with red wine

The water-based technology will protect the small fibers in your textiles, and this will among other things help against stains from wine and other liquids. Just look at the video where half is with Nanoshower, and the other half is normal.


Water-based and environmentally friendly

Do it yourself #diy

The technology is friendly & safe, and without perfume. You simply apply the product yourself, and since it is breathable you can wash the clothes as normal. In fact, it will simplify cleaning for you, because dirt & stains won't penetrate as deeply.

Easy to apply

1- Spray a first layer, cover the desired area

2- Wait for 8-10 minutes

3- For extra protection, apply a second layer

4- Let it dry for 24H

Try it out with water

When you have applied the product and waited until it is ready, then you can go ahead and check if it responds well.
In the video, you can tell the difference between the part that has Nanoshower on it, and the part that is normal. The water repellent effect is a good sign that the technology is working well on the textile and this is just one of many benefits for your material.

Win-Win Situation

The most frequent question we get is how you wash your clothes when using Nanoshower.

The answer is that the technology is breathable, and when the fibers have the liquid technology attached around them, it will require incredibly little power in the washing machine for them to be clean again, because stains and such will not be able to penetrate as well as normal. The lowest setting will be more than enough, and this will allow you to keep your clothes fresh for longer, whilst saving money, electricity & water in the process. .

Made & Sent from Norway

You can now finally buy this brand new product, and it will be shipped to you from our main warehouse in Norway. We are really excited for you to try out this product, and to see many benefits form using it.

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