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Nanoshower premium fashion care
Nanoshower spray
Nanoshower textile care
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Nanoshower Spray - 500 ml / 16oz (Limited stock)

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Keeps your textiles looking fresh & new


Do it yourself at home in under 20 minutes


Made in Norway

Limited stock available


Keep the Stains Away.

Protect your textiles with the premium Norwegian-made nanotechnology. Keep the stains away & simplify cleaning in your home. Perfect solution for anyone wishing to reduce waste. Suitable for most natural fabrics & textiles including but not limited to fabric furniture, clothing and textile accessories. Invest in your stuff and let’s make it last longer!

Packaged in a beautiful glass that will serve you for the years to come. Buy the bottle once and refill it forever with the help of our eco-friendly refill bags.

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Protect your furniture and textiles from nasty stains. Keep them looking fresh and new for longer.

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Do It Yourself at Home

No need to hire an expensive specialist. It takes only about 20 minutes to treat something like a large sofa.

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Make the Planet a Better Place

Using Nanoshower improves your home whilst having a positive impact on our planet. Textiles sprayed with Nanoshower last longer & help us become more sustainable consumers who purchase less stuff.

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Water-Based & Safe Formula

There are no dangerous or toxic chemicals in Nanoshower. Our unique formula is water-based and safe to use at home. It's also children and pet-friendly!


Clear or milky (colour can vary slightly depending on the batch)

Bottle Material:

High Quality Glass


Non-toxic liquid formula. Not classified as dangerous for supply/use (regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (CLP)


500ml / 16.9oz

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How to use

on your textiles

  1. Spray the first layer
  2. Wait 8-10 minutes
  3. Spray the second layer
  4. Let it dry for 24h
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This will depend a lot on the textile. Some fabrics (usually the organic and high quality ones) can last for months before you need to spray them again.

Whilst other textiles with more synthetic ingredients might require a more frequent re-application.

No, not on every type of textile. The reason for this is that some textiles might have a big percentage of petrochemicals in them (i.e polyethylene). These petrochemicals which are plastics don't work as well with our formula.

Nanoshower works much better on organic & high quality textiles and fabrics.

Yes, Nanoshower is perfume-free.

Yes it is! Our formula is water-based and completely safe to use at home without any protective equipment.

The best approach is to spray a small area of your textile first as per our 4 step instructions.

After 24h, pour a bit of water on the treated area. If the water gets repelled this means that the formula is working and you can go ahead and spray the rest of the surface with Nanoshower!

We currently ship within Europe only.

Worldwide deliveries are coming soon!

We've had a few designs of our refills and only have photos of the latest one on the website. You might have received one of our "retro" designs. But don't worry, it's the same awesome product 😉