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Protect sofa from stains (very simple) - Nanoshower


Make fabric sofa stain resistant

Nanoshower will make sure that the small fibers on your sofa will be protected on a nano-level (veeery small!) and this will also give it a stain-resistant effect.  This means that if you spill soda, wine or anything else, it will be much easier to get it clean and it wont penetrate as deeply as it normally does.  You can also relax knowing that this wont leave any change in odour or texture of your couch, because the technology is so small that it will be totally impossible for your or anyone else to tell that it has Nanoshower on it.

Except when you spill something. This is when it becomes obvious, because instead of absorbing all the liquid and leaving it in a bad state, it will simply get pearly and roll of your fabric like nothing happened. This means that when you invite your friends over, you can be less worried about them spilling and ruining the freshness of your sofa.  

Invisible technology

You can test if the product responds well by simply pouring a little water on it. If there is good water repellency, you know that the technology works, and you can worry less about discoloration, bacteria, worn and hard fibers, permanent change in smell, "peeling" and that the freshness of the couch will be ruined by stains.


Water-based nanotechnology

Environmentally friendly

The nanotechnology is breathable and silicone-free. You don't have to worry about wearing a mask while spraying this on your couch, and it is also perfume-free.

Easy to apply

1- Spray a first layer, cover the entire area

2- Wait for 8-10 minutes

3- Spray a second layer, for extra protection

4- Let it dry for 24H

Pearly = Perfect

After you applied and waited 24H, feel free to test if the technology is responding well on your material. Simply pour a little water on it, and if the water gets "pearly" then you know that it is working, and you can enjoy all of the other benefits of using Nanoshower.

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